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    Richmond Senior High School's Marching Raider Band from Rockingham, North Carolina.

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RSHS Class of 1984


The Raider Band is Smokin' !!!

Bobby Pearce 1979/80 in the RSHS Smoking Area

If you've marched, you've felt the pride and know that your time with the Marching Raiders was the greatest! 

How great were those times!?!?

So great that even pictures of cigarettes filling every hold in your head can remind you of those days!

Memories that haven't faded are rare but rarer still are the friendships that have lasted all these years and will last forever.




The Marching Raiders

Hearing the announcer's introduction while marching onto the field and positioning ourselves for a show always filled us with pride, but the introduction was never more inspiring than when it came from our very own announcer...


Ok, we've had enough of you student types!

This image is from the first year at Richmond though I'm not sure if is from the late Fall of 1971 or the early Spring of 1972.


Marching Raider Band Booster

Jimmy Smith
 (President 1982-84)
*click the image to hear THE introduction*

Thanks Jimmy,
for this introduction now and for all you've done over the years! 



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Jimmy Smith can still be heard weekday mornings starting at 6AM on WAYN AM900